Data and Security

What do we collect?

At Aura, we keep your data safe so you can feel confident about using our service. We only collect what we need to, and we never sell your data.

Aura uses data to personalise and improve cashback promotions and verify transactions with participating retailers. We minimise the data we collect and anonymise information where we can.

Aura only collects information that is required for the cashback program to work. We never sell individual consumer or retailer data to 3rd parties.


Aura uses your location to match you with nearby offers and transactions you made at participating retailers.

Purchase details

We collect only partial digits of your debit or credit card for personalisation and verification purposes with participating retailers. Our third-party card processing partners collect your full card number (PAN) and help us verify your credit card details.

Transaction data

Information like the total amount you spend allows Aura to provide you with cash back and personalise your offers in the future.

Price data

We work with participating retailers who share price and transaction data with us, which helps Aura match your claimed offers with your transactions.

Aura's security measures

We take these measures seriously and strive to ensure the highest level of security and protection.
Data security

Quality assurance & security management are vital. Aura has identified and implemented key controls to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and process.

Aura requires all data to be encrypted at rest and in transit.
At Aura, employees and contractors are granted access based on need-to-know and least privilege. Requiring multi-factor authentication. All account activity is logged, monitored and reviewed.
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