Real rewards build real customer loyalty.

With real cash being paid to build a real investment, not to mention ongoing donations to their charity or local club of choice, Aura is designed so members will keep coming back for more.

That’s great potential for them to spend more with you and stick with you longer. The more our members return, the more chances you’ll get to attract new customers and build business from existing ones.

More than 70% of those surveyed said they would move to a service provider who is part of the Aura program.

Aura in-store shopping

It’s free and easy.

Aura is free to join and easy to manage. Chances are, it will also be significantly cheaper to run than your existing loyalty program.

And it’s been designed and built to fit seamlessly with your existing systems.

What makes Aura great for your business?

  • It’s free to join
  • Aura brings new customers to your brand
  •  Our members’ customers spend more
  • Aura members are more loyal
  • Loyalty is aligned to lifetime value
  • It’s a consumption business model
  • You’ll benefit from the Aura network
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It’s a “plug’n’play” loyalty program.
Aura’s next-generation propriety program is designed to integrate seamlessly with the tech you already use – keeping your capex and down-time to a minimum.

More than member management.

At the heart of the Aura platform is a highly scalable customer engagement infrastructure that can process millions of daily customer daily interactions. And its feature rich back-end processing lets you deliver sophisticated real-time personalised consumer communications and engagement campaigns.

But, as with everything Aura, it’s more than just a loyalty program. Additional features and functionalities can add real value to your business and understanding your customers. These include:

    • Comprehensive API’s into 3rd party systems including payment networks, funds manager’s, charities and premium partners.
    • AI-powered behavioural analysis including recommendations engine.
    • Software Connectors covering most customer touchpoints.
    • Customer insights engine.
    • Data analytics engine.
    • Partner insights reporting
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