Invest – What Aura Offers

Aura allows you to Micro-invest your accumulated cashback rewards.

A lot of investing-related language can be straight-up confusing. This can make investing seem scary and far more complex than it actually is. So let’s break down some of the common terms you might see or hear. Investing isn’t just reserved for folks with piles of extra cash lying around. Investing can be for everyone. That’s where Micro-investing comes in.
Investment Options
Once your first transaction is confirmed you can choose to switch your funds from Cash to any of the investment products listed below.
  • Australian Shares
  • Cash
  • FANG Plus Shares
  • Gold
  • International Sustainability
  • NASDAQ Shares
  • US Shares
  • Overall, micro-investing can offer a great way to get your foot in the investing door, and a way to learn as you go. Track your investments and savings in one place.

    You can even set and forget with regular deposits. Choose a fund, set the amount you wish to deposit and select the frequency. At Aura we’re huge fans of investment as a form of reward!
    What is Micro-investing?
    What Aura does is give you the opportunity to micro invest your cash rewards into Exchange traded funds (ETFs). An ETF is a managed fund.
    When you invest in an ETF, you don't own the underlying investments. You own units in the ETF and the ETF provider owns the shares or assets. Micro-investing via ETFs is suitable for anyone looking for a less expensive and convenient way to start building an investment portfolio. The more you spend via Aura partners and the longer you are a member with Aura, the more your cashback reward will be, the more potential investment into your portfolio.
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    Also, note the following in regards to micro-investing:
  • Read the PDS. Be sure you read the fine print so you know what to expect.
  • While investing small amounts at a time can be a great, don’t expect it to result in huge returns. It’s pretty unlikely you’ll build your retirement fund from Aura micro-investing... that said over many years it could provide a great additional contribution to your retirement or a great holiday... or some extra spending.
  • Aura does not provide investment advice that’s tailored to you. Aura is about making loyalty rewards tangible and real.

  • Download the Aura app and start earning your cash back today.
    Download the Aura app and start earning cash back today.
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