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Welcome to Aura's Marketing resources centre.

Here you’ll find everything you need to make the most of our partnership!

We have designed this to help you launch and promote Aura across your different channels.

Available on this page:  Aura Logos, Website banners, Aura Brand Guide, Print Ready In-store Visual Merchandise

Our logo is made up of 3 elements. The custom word-mark, the bi-line ‘Buy Invest Donate’ and the yellow rays. They must always appear in the colours specified.
Select the logo that has the most contrast to the background for optimal legibility. If the background is light, use the primary logo. If the background is dark, use the reversed logo.
For use in rare circumstances (where Aura’s permission is sought) the visual identity includes a stand alone symbol.

These ready to use web assets let you proudly promote the fact that you partner with Aura.

Drive awareness to your audience by letting them know to support you through the use of Aura. Simply display the banners, tiles or ‘Proud Partner’ badge across your website and encourage people to select your community group or buy from your business.

Aura Partners (Community Groups and Retail Partners) can set the Aura branded image assets to link to where people can easily join Aura and start to support you! 

Aura Buy Invest Donate
Aura Buy Invest Donate - Proud Partner
Brand Guide

Here is a detailed guide of some of the most important Aura brand elements and how to use them.

Includes colour palette and typography.

In-store Visual Merchandise

Let customers know you offer Aura by displaying visual merchandise. Aura’s print ready assets have been created to help drive foot traffic into your business and increase sales by promoting the use of Aura. As a valued Aura partner, you can download assets, which includes in-store marketing materials that you can readily use in your business.

Aura’s welcome pack includes;

Aura Counter Sign/Table Talker

Aura Terminal Signs

Aura Partner Window Sticker

Aura Window Poster (A4)

Aura Wobbler

For additional information or support, please contact us below.
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