Program Benefits

Benefits of partnering with Aura

Reward your customers when they spend in-store and online.

Your venue and existing workforce can serve existing customers better through valuable insights. Reach new customers, win more transactions and grow profits with Aura. 

Paying real cash to build a real investment, not to mention ongoing donations to their charity or local club of choice, Aura is designed so members will keep coming back for more.

That’s great potential for them to stay and spend more with you.

What is Aura for customers?
Aura partners
Aura – Cashback rewards program for real world venues plus in-store and online marketplaces.
Aura in-store shopping
Over 1,000 businesses including Shell Coles Express, Virgin Australia, The Iconic, Coles, Rebel, Myer & Expedia.


Aura Merchant Partners
Aura is free to join!
How Aura works in venue
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Staff encourage patrons to join the Venue’s loyalty program (powered by Aura) by scanning QR code.
QR venue signup
Patron registers via simple web form with the Venue’s referral code auto-populated.
add card
Patron downloads Aura Buy Invest Donate App and links their Australian debit, Visa or Mastercard.
Patron pays for bill using their linked card. Cashback automatically appears in their Aura account once the transaction has been approved.
Drive new profit in-store

Aura’s platform allows you use the data and the resources you already have to drive more incremental, measurable, attributable profit.


Comprehensive loyalty solution integrated with Impos.

Optimise promotional planning to maximise marketing effectiveness with Aura’s in-store visual merchandise and clear and transparent user data.

Emily Taylor marketing
Emily Taylor in app

Aura will market your venue to drive new transactions to your business as well as new customers.

Staff incentives. Increase revenue through enhanced experience and engagement.
waiter in motion

Turnkey solution, no technical integration required. Drive loyalty revenue and add value for customers with both local and national retail and service offers.

Easy to use Dashboard displaying deep customer purchasing insights. Filter data according to over a dozen criteria to drive additional profitable revenue.

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