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Marketing Resources

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Welcome to the Aura Partner resources centre. Here you’ll find everything you need to make the most of our partnership!

The centre is designed to help you launch and promote Aura across your different channels, so you can drive new sales, more sales and retain existing customers.

With 70%* of customers saying they’d look elsewhere or not have purchased at all if the business they wasn’t an Aura Partner, it makes sense to let customers know you are an Aura Partner at every touch point.

Simply complete the application form to get started! 

*Painted Dog Market Research, 2021
Aura partners
Aura in-store shopping
How Aura works for you
A customer purchases an item from your store or website using their card linked through Aura.
Aura's settlement report helps you verify payments.
Track all Aura referrals, insights and cashback payments in the business portal.
Benefits of partnering with Aura
Without Aura, 70% of customers said that they would have looked for another store that did have Aura.

87% Australians want to be rewarded with real dollars.

Attract new customers with our customer base discovering new merchants through Aura.
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