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Social Media

Take advantage of your socials to remind customers that you are an Aura Partner, use these ready-made frames with our approved messaging to capture even more sales. Download the assets then add your own brand images.

Let your customers know you nare now an Aura Partner and create some buzz on your socials. Increase awareness by tagging Aura so followers can see your posts and stories.


Launch Aura

Social media acts as a virtual shopfront. That’s why social media profile pages are a powerful way to let customers (and prospective customers) know you have Partnered with Aura. Make it easier for customers to discover that you offer Aura by adding us to your bio and tagging us in your posts and stories.

Here are some sample graphics you can use in your posts.
Here is some sample copy you can use in your posts.

Option 1

We’ve partnered with @aurabuyinvestdonate so you can now get cash back whenever you shop with us. Just link your card in Aura and when you checkout the magic happens. 🙌 #aurabuyinvestdonate

Option 2

Yay! Shop now at “Your Brand Name” and get cash back. #aurabuyinvestdonate


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