Marketing Resources


Your website is one of your most valuable marketing channels.

These ready-made website banners and tiles are great for calling out the fact that you offer Aura.

Add an always-on banner to your home page so visitors can see you offer Aura the moment they land on your site. Adding a tile on your checkout page is also a good prompt.
Website assets

These ready to use web assets let you proudly promote the fact that you partner with Aura.

Drive awareness to your audience by letting them know to support you through the use of Aura. Simply display the banners, tiles or ‘Proud Partner’ badge across your website and encourage people to buy from your business or select your community group.

Aura Partners (Community Groups and Retail Partners) can set the Aura branded image assets to link to where people can easily join Aura and support you! 

Aura Buy Invest Donate
Aura Buy Invest Donate - Proud Partner
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